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    • Chloe Toes Side-Snapping Diaper Cover Pattern
    • CuddleBuns Single-Sized Diaper Pattern
Angie's Review Rating Scale 
Warning: I'm difficult to impress and rarely buy anything at retail price!
Run out and buy it now! This is worth every cent and I can't see why anyone who sews/crafts wouldn't want this.

I love it and think it was worth every cent. I can see why some people might find it too complicated, unnecessary, or not worth the expense.

At the right price, this is worth it to me. There might be a better alternative, but this will work just fine for my budget.

There are better alternatives, directions may be inadequate or missing, but it does the job with a little extra effort.

I probably won't return it, but it didn't perform as well as advertised, was poorly made, or just too complicated.

I am returning it, giving it away, or tossing it. It just doesn't do the job.
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Chloe Toes Diaper Pattern


Available from the Chloe Toes Boutique for $16.99 and a number of other independent shops. The pattern is not available for download.

My Experience:
I was super excited to do a diaper swap with a woman from one of my Yahoo co-ops who had the Chloe's Toes Diaper Pattern. I had heard how trim they were and how fast they were to make-up. They were trim, but as you can see from the pictures, my sturdy kids (Xavier at 3 months, Chiara at 2 1/2 years) both had fitting issues.
Size Small Pocket stuffed with infant prefold barely snaps.
My son was large for his age and the diaper we received was really too small for him. I had to 'overstuff' it with a prefold to make it absorbent enough and then I could barely get the snaps fastened. Any review based on this diaper alone would be inappropriate.
Size large pocket filled with regular prefold when it 'just' fit.

My daughter's was a large and fit with plenty of growing room. I found that when it was on the smallest snap setting I had trouble with the front flap shifting and twisting - possibly because the woman who made this did not put two stud snaps on each wing. Once she was in the more ideal size range it was great! She had sturdy hips and a Buddha belly, but it always fit snugly without being too snug. The low-rise in the front was extremely helpful - when we had to move up a size in most diapers, the rise was too high and she would take off her diaper, but never this one.

Why I love it:
  • Fast! Can't beat how the FOE binding eliminates sewing the pieces together, applying elastic, and turning & top stitching.
  • Low-rise in the front
  • Easy to add decorative outer fabric
  • Plenty of room for full hips or chubby thighs
  • Great FOE tutorial at the CTB website
  • Great technique for beginners
  • At least $5 more than I am willing to spend for a pattern - although it is worth it for a novice diaper maker
  • My favorite feature, the FOE binding can be applied to any pattern.
  • How would this fit on a trim baby? (Please comment if you know!)

Chloe Toes Free Diaper Cover Pattern




Available from the Chloe Toes Boutique as a free download.

My Experience:
I was first introduced to the Chloe's Toes Diaper Pattern in a diaper swap. I loved the idea of using FOE binding to add a decorative cover to otherwise plain PUL. I had gone to the CTB to purchase her regular pattern, but discovered it was not available as a download.


I needed something quick, so I decided to try her cover pattern as a pocket diaper. MISTAKE! This is a COVER pattern, so it is roomy and full in the front and back to accommodate a fitted diaper. As a pocket diaper it was too bulky under my son's clothes for day use, but I loved it for night & naps because I could stuff it with two prefolds and he'd be good until morning.


I decided to try the pattern as it was intended, as a cover. It was great! I still have not gotten around to purchasing the Chloe Toes Diaper Pattern, but it fits perfectly over my CuddleBuns One-Sized and Poochies fitted diapers.

Why I love it:

  • Sound design for free!
  • Sizing from Newborn to XX-Large
  • FOE binding technique makes these fast to whip up
  • Full design allows it to cover fitted diapers better than covers designed for prefolds
  • Easy to add a decorative outer fabric
  • Easy to read pattern - each size in a different color
  • Great pattern for beginners
  • None if used as designed.
CuddleBuns Pattern (Revised 3rd Edition)


A single-sized diaper, this pattern is available at SewShoppe for $18.75, and the CuddleBuns twill labels for $3.49/dozen.

My Experience:
I received several second-hand French terry hemp CuddleBuns when my daughter was born. A preemie weighing less than five pounds, I tossed it aside and forgot about it until she was about six months old. At six months, it fit on the smallest setting. This is when you fold down the front and cross the wings over one another. I liked the absorbency, so when I bought a huge box of someone's leftover diaper making supplies I was thrilled to discover this pattern in the mix. I poured over the lengthy instruction book night after night trying to understand the verbose instructions and seemingly limitless variations. I was so overwhelmed I didn't make any!


Bikini-Cut with Aplix Closure in the Smallest, Small, Regular Fit Settings 
When my son was born and I had two in diapers, I suddenly needed a cheap way to diaper an infant and a toddler. My daughter was wearing a size 3T pant and still fit those original hemp CuddleBuns. Around the same time my husband cleaned out a ton of old t-shirts from his closet. Since this was marketed as 'single-sized' and 'the original' t-shirt diaper, I decided it was worth the effort to give it another try.
It turned out, that once I had made one, it wasn't hard at all. I made the diaper with three layers of t-shirt and a soaker pad with two layers of sweatshirt fleece. One night I cut out 2-3; the next day I sew them up during nap time. I used up the twill labels used to reinforce the area between the soaker panel and the snaps that came with the pattern, and now I use whatever is cute and convenient - original t-shirt label, cute woven cotton print cut into a square and reinforced, or just skip it altogether.
I use these mostly under wool covers or longies when I need 'containment' but don't need a waterproof layer. In the summer, I used to let the kids wear them without covers outside because they never leaked. They were also excellent 'trainers' when my daughter was almost potty training because they were comfortable.
CuddleBuns Standard Size with Snaps in small and regular settings and a view with the toddler doubler. Notice how the doubler snaps into the same sockets used in the small fold down.
This style of diaper may be Single-sized, but it fits better in the traditional medium to extra-large range. I liked this because that's the sizes the kids wear the longest. They started fitting (without excessive bulk) on my larger than average son at around 3 months. They continue to fit him today at almost 3 years old and wearing a size 3-4T pant. I started using the snap in doubler made with 2 layers of t-shirt and 2 layers of sweatshirt for naps & night when he was about 12 months, and now use them all the time.
My son at almost 3 years wearing CuddleBuns made from my husband's old t-shirts.
Variations to the pattern are plentiful, but require you to redraft the original pattern yourself using defined extention lines. At nearly $20 I would have expected to receive paper versions of each new cut.  They include: Single-Sized CuddleBuns, Single-Sized CuddleWraps (fleece covers), Preemie Cuddlebuns, XXL CuddleBuns, Cuddle-In-Ones, Single-Sized Bikini-Cut Cuddle Buns. I spent an entire afternoon drafting them all out, and only ever used the standard & bikini cut options.
I joined the online support group, but there is very little activity. It appears the pattern's dwindling popularity or the rise of other one-size diapers has taken its toll. I could only find one place to purchase the pattern and licensed WHAMs are also difficult to find.
What I love:
  • Great fit and cheap materials have made this a staple of my diaper stash. I truly LOVE this diaper.
  • Designed specifically for snaps.
  • Look great turned & top stitched (I don't own a serger.)
  • Last FOREVER!
  • Customize absorbency to child's needs
  • It still fits my son who is hovering between 3T & 4T!

What I disliked:
  • Intimidating instructions.Time consuming to make, but you reap the rewards of the detail work later.
  • Single-sized is a bit overstated - if you do the modifications (bikini-cut) to flatter newborns and small babies, it effects absorbency on a toddler, but if you don't make the modifications it's bulky on a young baby.
  • Bonus diaper sizes and styles require you to make your own adjustments using extension lines and "fabric tricks" (shrinking)
  • I made a diaper for someone else who requested hook & loop fasteners (see above in pink) and I personally would felt the front loop panel was too stiff and made adjusting to the smallest setting awkward and bulky.

  •  Intimidating instructions for beginners...or even more experienced diaper makers!
  • $18.75 seems pricey for a pattern that has lost it's popularity