Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Free Pocket Diaper and Diaper Cover Pattern

(size large, w/topstitching)
It took five hours, but I finally converted my diaper templates into a downloadable pattern. This pattern was designed specifically to be used for a turned & topstitched pocket diaper, but it can easily be adapted to a diaper cover. I will get to the instructions and a tutorial soon, but for now here is the pattern:
size large w/o topstitching
size small w/o topstitching
size medium w/o topstitching
size medium w/topstitching


  1. thanks for the pattern...i'll be trying it out in a few months. do you sew the elastic to the fabric? sorry, maybe a stupid question but i've never sewed ANYTHING, LOL. also, what weight ranges are these sizes good thru?

  2. Yes, I use a zig-zag or a three-step zig-zag to sew the elastic directly to the seam allowance between the marks.