Angie's Gallery

Pocket Diapers:
Chloe Toes Free Side-Snapping Cover pattern modified as cover

My free pattern, no topstitching
My free pattern with topstitching
My first diaper created with my pattern, materials were second-rate but the fit was fantastic!
More Chloe Toes Free Cover Pattern revamped as pocket
Poochies Side-Snapping diaper revamped as pocket
Poochies Side-Snapping diaper revamped as All-In-Two

Assorted Diaper Covers (back left is a pocket)

Poochies Side-Snapping diaper w/cover
CuddleBuns Single-Sized fitteds with snaps above and Aplix below
Poochies Side-Snapping Diaper
Poochies Side-Snapping diaper with coordinating longies


Matched Set from Abercrombie & Fitch sweater
Punk Knitters Pattern w/Debbie Bliss Merino
Soaker - my pattern
Soaker - my pattern with hand stitched applique
Little Turtle Knits Hybrid Soaker Pattern w/Cascade 220
Soaker - my pattern